Large Scale Machine Learning for Information Retrieval 2013/12/11 - 10:52pm Slides Machine Learning, Information Retrieval
Sequencing the Human Genome & Personalized Medicine 2013/12/11 - 10:49pm Slides Sequencing Human Genome, Personalized Medicine
Bioinformatics Data Science 2013/12/11 - 10:47pm Slides Bioinformatics, Data Science
Recursive Deep Models for Semantic Compositionality Over a Sentiment Treebank 2013/12/04 - 11:09pm Academic Paper Sentiment Analysis, Deep Learning, Recursive Deep Models, Semantic Compositionality, Sentiment Treebank
Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database 2013/12/04 - 11:06pm Academic Paper Spanner, Globally-Distributed Database
Random Forests R Package 2013/11/20 - 1:03am White Paper Random Forests, R Language, Data Science, Algorithm
Random Forests 2013/11/20 - 12:57am Academic Paper Random Forests, Algorithm, Data Science
Remotely Assessing Local Populations Through Spatial Media Analysis 2013/11/20 - 12:49am White Paper Spatial Media Analysis
Generating Topic-Based Emotional Heatmaps for Culturomics Using CyberGIS 2013/11/20 - 12:47am White Paper Topic-Based Emotional Heatmaps, Culturomics, CyberGIS
Bayesian Techniques for Real-time Learning 2013/11/20 - 12:41am White Paper Bayesian, Real-time Learning, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Science
Bayesian Bandit Algorithm 2013/11/20 - 12:33am White Paper Bayesian, Algorithm, Data Science
Convergence Analytics 2013/11/20 - 12:14am White Paper Analytics, Marketing, Data Science, Big Data
Eight Rules of Real-Time Stream Processing 2013/11/19 - 11:57pm White Paper Real-Time, Stream Processing, Big Data Infrastructure
Interactive and Visual Data Mining in Practice 2013/11/19 - 11:53pm White Paper Visualization, Data Mining
Data Science An Action Plan for Expanding the Technical Areas of the Field of Statistics 2013/11/19 - 11:34pm Academic Paper Data Science, Statistics
Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data 2013/11/19 - 11:33pm White Paper Text, NLP, Data Mining, Data Science
Design and Implementation of a Data Analytics Infrastructure In Support of Crisis Informatics Research 2013/11/19 - 11:22pm Academic Paper Data Analytics Infrastructure, Crisis Informatics Research, Computing Architecture, Health
Analyzing the Analyzers 2013/11/19 - 10:49pm White Paper Data Scientist Types, Data Science
Reflections on Heckman and Pinto’s “Causal Analysis After Haavelmo” 2013/11/10 - 8:49pm Academic Paper Causal Analysis, Trygve Haavelmo, Causal Calculus, Causal Inference, Causality
Spark - Shark - Hadoop Presentation at the Univ. of Colo. Denver April 23, 2013 Part 1 2013/11/08 - 8:16pm Video Spark, Stream Processing
Skin In The Game Heuristic for Protection Against Tail Events 2013/11/08 - 5:33pm Academic Paper Risk Management, Tail Events, Bell Curve, Data Science
Topological Data Analysis and Machine Learning Theory 2013/11/08 - 4:19pm Academic Paper Topological Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Science
Topological Data Analysis 2013/11/08 - 4:18pm Academic Paper Topological Data Analysis, Big Data Infrastructure, Big Data, Data Science
A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning 2013/11/08 - 12:37pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Data Science
Introduction to Machine Learning - Part I 2013/11/03 - 10:30pm White Paper Machine Learning, Data Science
How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain a Diverse Team 2013/11/03 - 9:52pm White Paper Recruit, Hire, Team, Data Science
Data is Not a Business Model - Moving Knowledge to Action 2013/11/03 - 9:15pm White Paper Data, Business Model, Knowledge
Building Data Science Teams 2013/11/03 - 9:12pm White Paper Data Science, Teams
Causal Analysis After Haavelmo 2013/09/16 - 9:58pm Academic Paper Causal Analysis, Trygve Haavelmo, Causal Calculus, Causal Inference, Causality
Linear Models: A Useful “Microscope” for Causal Analysis 2013/06/13 - 11:06pm Academic Paper Causality, Causal Inference, Structural Equation Model, Linear Model, Path Analysis
Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman 2011/11/10 - 1:14am Video Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, Economic Sciences, Psychological Science
The Causal Mediation Formula – A Guide to the Assessment of Pathways and Mechanisms 2011/04/28 - 10:08pm Academic Paper Causality, Mediation Formula, Structural Equation Models, Effect Decomposition