Deep Learning

Neurosymbolic Artificial Intelligence - DSA ADS Course 2023

DSA ADS Course 2023

This DSA ADS course is part of a series of courses that demonstrate how to use applied data science with high performance compute and high quality data to optimize decision making in real world scenarios.

Discuss application of  neurosymbolic AI systems in potential real world scenarios.

Discuss neurosymbolic AI systems with logical reasoning and explainability via symbolic knowledge representation.  

Consider trust, safety, interpretability and accountability of AI. 

Single Cortical Neurons as Deep Artificial Neural Networks

September, 2021


• Cortical neurons are well approximated by a deep neural network (DNN) with 5–8 layers

• DNN’s depth arises from the interaction between NMDA receptors and dendritic morphology

• Dendritic branches can be conceptualized as a set of spatiotemporal pattern detectors

• We provide a unified method to assess the computational complexity of any neuron type