Data Science Salary Survey 2015






Source: KDnuggets


I am in IT for 14 years and currently working as a Solutions Architect. In my experience, I have also implemented a major MDM solution and performed BI and data analytics to generate reports to guide execs take critical decisions.

However, I hold an Engineering Bachelor's degree. To take my career to the next level, I want to pursue a Master's degree with specialization towards Big Data like Business Analytics and Data Science.

Please clarify my questions:

1. Will taking such a Master's degree add more value, esp, after 14 years of experience in IT and in relevant technologies?

2. If so, what are the best institutions for this in and around Denver ?

2.1. From the internet, I have found the following, but, need help in picking up a good one:

  1. CU Denver - Business School - M.S. in Business Analytics - Big Data Specialization
  2. CU Boulder - Leeds School of Business - M.S. in Business Administration & Business Analytics
  3. DU - Daniels College of Business - M.S. in Business Analytics
  4. Regis University - M.S. in Data Science