The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to improve life. The IoT is defined as equipping all physical and organic things in the world with small intelligent devices allowing near real-time collecting and sharing of data between machines and humans.

The IoT will collect, analyze and distribute a massive volume and variety of data at unprecedented velocity. Invisible artificial intelligence is architected into the system to optimize near real-time connectivity and analysis between billions of machines, products and things from the physical and organic world to improve human life.

Machines and products embedded with tiny sensors and high performance compute connected to other machines, networked systems, and to humans - allows us to cheaply and automatically collect and share data, analyze it and add value. Machines and products in the future will have the intelligence to deliver the right information to the right people (or other intelligent machines and networks), any time, to any device. When smart machines and products can communicate, they help us and other machines make better decisions, act fast to prevent and mitigate problems, save time and money, and improve products and services.

Welcome to the new information age, where we have the potential to radically improve human life.