Iterative Qubits Management for Quantum Index Searching in a Hybrid System

September, 2022


Recent advances in quantum computing systems attract tremendous attention. Commercial companies, such as IBM, Amazon, and IonQ, have started to provide access to noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers. Researchers and entrepreneurs attempt to deploy their applications that aim to achieve a quantum speedup. Grover's algorithm and quantum phase estimation are the foundations of many applications with the potential for such a speedup. While these algorithms, in theory, obtain marvelous performance, deploying them on existing quantum devices is a challenging task. For example, quantum phase estimation requires extra qubits and a large number of controlled operations, which are impractical due to low-qubit and noisy hardware. To fully utilize the limited onboard qubits, we propose IQuCS, which aims at index searching and counting in a quantum-classical hybrid system. IQuCS is based on Grover's algorithm. From the problem size perspective, it analyzes results and tries to filter out unlikely data points iteratively. A reduced data set is fed to the quantum computer in the next iteration. With a reduction in the problem size, IQuCS requires fewer qubits iteratively, which provides the potential for a shared computing environment. We implement IQuCS with Qiskit and conduct intensive experiments. The results demonstrate that it reduces qubits consumption by up to 66.2%.

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