July 12, 2020

Together, we can shape a better future using data science!

Data scientists have the best job in the world!  

Real Data Scientists are Humble

You are a seasoned professional data scientist. You love your work and made a cool US $2.4 million dollars in income last year.

Society anoints you the new Master of the Universe. You help elect US presidents and make your clients/employers huge profits. Others want to be like you and some want to love you.

Yet you must at all costs STAY HUMBLE. Successful people act with humility and treat others with respect.

Professionals are always learning new things and are dedicated lifelong students. Curiosity, questioning assumptions and admitting to being wrong are hallmarks of true professionals.

The true master is always growing intellectually and committed to constant improvement. Elite performance is a mindset.

Hubris, lack of humility, arrogance, cognitive, ideological and confirmation bias, lead to the worst disasters for data scientists.

Stay humble my friends!

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