Distributed Representations of Words and Phrases and their Compositionality 2015/12/12 - 11:02pm Academic Paper Distributed Representations, Words and Phrases
Learning Factored Representations in a Deep Mixture of Experts 2015/12/12 - 11:00pm Academic Paper Learning Factored Representations, Deep Mixture Experts
Recurrent Neural Network Regularization 2015/12/12 - 10:57pm Academic Paper Recurrent Neural Network Regularization
Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks 2015/12/12 - 10:56pm Academic Paper Sequence to Sequence Learning, Neural Networks
Addressing the Rare Word Problem in Neural Machine Translation 2015/12/12 - 10:54pm Academic Paper Neural Machine Translation
Move Evaluation in Go Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 2015/12/12 - 10:53pm Academic Paper Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Go
Reinforcement Learning Neural Turing Machines 2015/12/12 - 10:51pm Academic Paper Reinforcement Learning Neural Turing Machines
An Empirical Exploration of Recurrent Network Architectures 2015/12/12 - 10:49pm Academic Paper Recurrent Network Architectures
Deep Learning Master Class - Ilya Sutskever 2015/12/12 - 10:37pm Video Deep Learning
Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data 2015/12/12 - 10:34pm Video Deep Learning
Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks 2015/12/12 - 10:31pm Video Sequence Learning, Neural Networks
Deep Learning - Theory and Applications 2015/12/12 - 10:28pm Video Deep Learning
TensorFlow: Large-Scale Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems 2015/11/17 - 11:25pm Academic Paper TensorFlow, Large-Scale Machine Learning, Heterogeneous Distributed Systems, Machine Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning Applications, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Reading Hidden Emotions: Spontaneous Micro-expression Spotting and Recognition 2015/11/17 - 11:23pm Academic Paper Reading Emotions, Spontaneous Micro-expression Spotting, Recognition, Machine Learning
Deep Focus - Music For Studying, Concentration and Work 2015/11/15 - 8:41am Video Deep Focus, Music, Studying, Concentration, Work
Innovations in Data Storage for Machine Learning by Hal Woods 2015/11/06 - 9:57pm Slides Data Storage, Machine Learning, Hal Woods
Machine Learning Use Cases with Azure by Chris McHenry 2015/11/06 - 8:06pm Slides Machine Learning Use Cases, Azure, Chris McHenry
Aster Ski Hackathon by Mark Peterson & Elain Crutchley 2015/11/06 - 8:01pm Slides Aster Ski Hackathon, Mark Peterson, Elain Crutchley
Deep Learning for High Performance Time-series Databases by Jim Bates 2015/11/06 - 7:59pm Slides Deep Learning, Time-series Databases, Jim Bates
Machine Learning in Finance and Trading by Lee Cole 2015/11/06 - 7:57pm Slides Machine Learning in Finance and Trading, Lee Cole
Machine Learning & Google Big Query by Charles Clifford 2015/11/06 - 7:56pm Slides Machine Learning, Google Big Query, Charles Clifford
Extracting Data From NWP Models by Andrew Weekley 2015/11/06 - 6:58pm Slides Extracting Data, NWP Models, Andrew Weekley
Managed Portable Algorithms by Chris Howard 2015/11/06 - 6:44pm Slides Managed Portable Algorithms, Chris Howard
Data Science Revolution 2015/10/22 - 10:27pm Video Data Science
Machine Learning: Hottest Tech Trend in the Next 3-5 Years? 2015/10/22 - 10:22pm Video Machine Learning
End of Experts: Big Data and Science of Decision-making 2015/10/22 - 10:12pm Video Experts, Science of Decision-making, Decision Processes, Decision Theory
Topology and Data - Gunnar Carlsson 2015/10/22 - 10:07pm Academic Paper Data Topology, Gunnar Carlsson
Topological Pattern Recognition for Point Cloud Data - Gunnar Carlsson 2015/10/22 - 10:06pm Academic Paper Topological Pattern Recognition, Point Cloud Data, Gunnar Carlsson
Bayesian Models of Human Action Understanding 2015/10/07 - 8:24pm Academic Paper Bayesian Models, Human Action Understanding
Global vs. Local Methods in Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction 2015/10/07 - 8:23pm Academic Paper Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
A Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction 2015/10/07 - 8:21pm Academic Paper Global Geometric Framework, Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Locally Linear Embedding 2015/10/07 - 8:19pm Academic Paper Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction, Locally Linear Embedding
Surprised by the Gambler's and Hot Hand Fallacies A Truth in the Law of Small Numbers 2015/10/06 - 11:05pm Academic Paper Gambler's Fallacy, Hot Hand Fallacy, Law of Small Numbers, Coin Flip, Probabilistic Forecasts, Probabilistic Logic
Modeling and Analyzing Real-Time Data Streams 2015/10/06 - 11:01pm Academic Paper Modeling, Analyzing, Real-Time Data Streams
The Two-speed Economy - April 2015 2015/10/06 - 10:54pm White Paper Economy, Economics, Policy, Goldman Sachs
Linked Enterprise Data 2015/10/06 - 10:52pm Academic Paper Linked Enterprise Data
Machine Learning: The High Interest Credit Card of Technical Debt 2015/10/06 - 10:46pm Academic Paper Machine Learning
Lessons from the Netflix Prize - Going Beyond Algorithms 2015/10/06 - 10:45pm Slides Netflix Prize, Algorithms
Programming and Scaling 2015/10/06 - 9:47pm Video Programming, Scaling, Alan Kay
We Really Don't Know How To Compute! 2015/10/06 - 9:44pm Video Gerry Sussman, Computer Architectures, Lisp
Overlapping Experiment Infrastructure - More, Better, Faster Experimentation 2015/10/04 - 7:38pm Academic Paper Overlapping Experiment Infrastructure, Experimentation
Revisiting Stein's Paradox - Multi-Task Averaging 2015/10/04 - 7:37pm Academic Paper Stein's Paradox, Multi-Task Averaging
Event Relevant Reminders 2015/10/04 - 7:36pm Academic Paper Event Relevant, Reminders
Algorithmic Cartography - Placing Points of Interest and Ads on Maps 2015/10/04 - 7:35pm Academic Paper Algorithmic Cartography, Ads, Maps
Stream Sampling for Frequency Cap Statistics 2015/10/04 - 7:29pm Academic Paper Stream Sampling, Frequency Cap Statistics, Statistical Inference
Annotating Needles in the Haystack without Looking - Product Information Extraction from Emails 2015/10/04 - 7:28pm Academic Paper Product Information, Extraction, Emails, User-generated Content
Evolution of Decision Making - How Leading Organizations Are Adopting a Data-Driven Culture 2015/10/04 - 7:26pm Academic Paper Decision Making, Data-Driven Culture, Decision Processes
Data Blending Impacts Business Decisions 2015/10/04 - 7:25pm White Paper Data Blending, Business Decisions, Decision Processes
Discovering Subsumption Relationships for Web-Based Ontologies 2015/10/04 - 10:54am Academic Paper Subsumption Relationships, Web-Based Ontologies
Image Processing and Searching 2015/10/04 - 10:53am Academic Paper Image Processing, Image Searching