A/B Testing for Marketing Optimization

DSA ADS Course - 2022

A/B Testing

Discuss A/B testing, A/B testing fallacies, marketing optimization, cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, resource allocation, scenario planning, behavioral science and behavioral economics.

What if A/B testing methods are highly inaccurate and biased? What are potential costs of A/B testing inaccuracies seriously distorting marketing optimization and effective resource allocation?

Discuss methods and techniques to mitigate risks of serious A/B testing inaccuracies and suboptimal marketing strategies and tactics.

How to create a culture that thinks systemically, articulates assumptions, ask good questions and applies probability theory to A/B testing result scenarios.

How to create systems to improve accuracy of A/B testing, marketing optimization, behavioral science and scenario estimates through better data, independent audits and performance incentives. 

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