Dormio: A Targeted Dream Incubation Device 2022/05/06 - 8:53pm Academic Paper Brain Activity Mapping, Dreams, Sleep, Memory, Wearables, Creativity, Targeted Dream Incubation
The geometry of domain-general performance monitoring in the human medial frontal cortex 2022/05/06 - 8:17pm Academic Paper Brain Activity Mapping, Brain, Human Medial Frontal Cortex, Performance Monitoring, Goal-directed Behavior
Exploratory analyses in aetiologic research and considerations for assessment of credibility: mini-review of literature 2022/05/06 - 7:45pm Academic Paper Aetiologic Research, Credibility Assessment, Exploratory Analyses
Proper Use and Misuse of Modeling - DSA ADS Course 2022 2022/05/06 - 12:33am External Course Predictive Modeling, Probabilistic Modeling, Modeling, Decision Modeling, Black Box Models
Appropriate Use of RT-PCR Test - DSA ADS Course - 2022 2022/05/05 - 8:58pm External Course RT-PCR Test, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Cycle Threshold Values, Kary Mullis
False Data and False Positive Paradox - DSA ADS Course - 2022 2022/05/05 - 7:55pm External Course False Positives, False Data, False Positive Paradox, COVID19, Diagnostic Testing, Public Policy, Health Policy
The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine 2022/05/04 - 9:33pm External Course Evidence Hierarchy, Evidence-based Medicine, Healthcare
Performance of the SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test as a tool for detecting SARS-CoV-2 infection in the population 2022/05/04 - 8:09pm External Course COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, SARS-CoV-2, RT-PCR Test, Infectious Potential, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Kary Mullis, Cycle Threshold Values
A New Kind of Science - Computational Experiments 2022/05/03 - 1:58pm External Course Computational Experiments
Activity Versus Outcome Maximization in Time Management 2022/05/01 - 9:29pm Academic Paper Productivity, Time Management, Outcome Maximization, Planning, Scheduling, Time Famine, Well-Being
Reinforcement Learning - Introduction 2022/04/29 - 10:29am External Course Reinforcement Learning
John Ioannidis - Excess Death, When Does the Pandemic End? 2022/04/26 - 9:33pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy
Data versus Science: Contesting the Soul of Data-Science 2022/04/26 - 10:54am External Course Data Science, Causal Inference, Causality, Philosophy of Data Science, Philosophy of Science
Theory of Baum-Welch Algorithm and Hidden Markov Models 2022/04/26 - 7:38am External Course Baum-Welch Algorithm, Hidden Markov Models, Algorithms, Markov
Data Science is NOT Statistics 2022/04/26 - 2:32am External Course Data Science, Statistics
The Seven Tools of Causal Inference, with Reflections on Machine Learning 2022/04/26 - 1:49am External Course Causality, Causal Reasoning, Causal Inference, Machine Learning, Algorithms
Methodological conduct of prognostic prediction models developed using machine learning in oncology: a systematic review 2022/04/24 - 11:04pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Clinical Prediction Models, Methodology, Oncology
Completeness of reporting of clinical prediction models developed using supervised machine learning: a systematic review 2022/04/24 - 10:55pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Clinical Prediction Models, Prediction Model, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Development, Validation, Reporting Adherence, Reporting Guideline, TRIPOD
Planning a method for covariate adjustment in individually randomised trials: a practical guide 2022/04/24 - 10:49pm Academic Paper Clinical Trials, Randomized Trials, Covariate Adjustment, Estimands, Standardization, Inverse Probability of Treatment Weighting, Missing Data
Real-Time Big Data Analytics with Storm 2022/04/24 - 10:17pm External Course Storm, Real-Time, Real-Time Big Data Analytics, Real-time Processing, Streaming
Collective Intelligence for Data Center Operations Management 2022/04/24 - 12:12pm External Course Data Center, Big Data Infrastructure
The Ultimate Covid19 Decoding - Everything Explained for the Layperson 2022/04/23 - 12:14am Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy
Anti-nucleocapsid antibodies following SARS-CoV-2 infection in the blinded phase of the mRNA-1273 Covid-19 vaccine efficacy clinical trial 2022/04/21 - 5:08pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, mRNA Vaccines, Vaccines, Anti-nucleocapsid Antibodies
Accelerating Compute-Intensive Applications with GPUs and FPGAs 2022/04/21 - 11:54am External Course Accelerators, Compute-Intensive Applications, GPU, FPGA, Gaussian Elimination, Data Encryption Standard, Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm
Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens 2022/04/21 - 1:01am Academic Paper Competition Policy, Political Decisions, Political Legitimacy, Political Leadership
Internet of Things and Sensors and Actuators 2022/04/19 - 8:35pm External Course Internet of Things, Sensors, Actuators
Efficacy and Safety of Vitamin D Supplementation to Prevent COVID-19 in Frontline Healthcare Workers. A Randomized Clinical Trial 2022/04/18 - 11:09pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Vitamin D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D3
Internet of Things: Dr. John Barrett 2022/04/18 - 8:37pm External Course Internet of Things
An integrated brain-machine interface platform with thousands of channels 2022/04/17 - 6:59pm External Course Public Policy, Health Policy, Brain-Inspired Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Brain-machine Interface Platform
Nutrition, longevity and disease: From molecular mechanisms to interventions 2022/04/17 - 6:52pm Academic Paper Public Policy, Health Policy, Nutrition, Longevity, Disease
From Reddit to Wall Street: the role of committed minorities in financial collective action 2022/04/15 - 9:12pm Academic Paper Finance, Financial Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Collective Behavior, Collective Inference, Behavioural Cascades
Causal Reinforcement Learning -- Part 2/2 (ICML tutorial) 2022/04/15 - 3:03am External Course Causal Reinforcement Learning, Elias Bareinboim, Reinforcement Learning
Causal Reinforcement Learning -- Part 1/2 (ICML tutorial) 2022/04/15 - 3:00am External Course Causal Reinforcement Learning, Elias Bareinboim, Reinforcement Learning
Causal Data Science: Graphical Models, Exchangeable Models and Graphons 2022/04/14 - 2:41am External Course Causal Data Science, Graphical Models, Exchangeable Models, Graphons, Elias Bareinboim
Causal Data Science: A General Framework for Causal Inference and Fusion 2022/04/14 - 2:37am External Course Elias Bareinboim, Data Science, Causal Data Science, Causal Inference, Causal Reasoning
Clinical Concept Embeddings Learned from Massive Sources of Multimodal Medical Data 2022/04/13 - 11:15pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Data, Natural Language Processing, Computation and Language
An Artificial Neural Networks Primer with Financial Applications Examples in Financial Distress Predictions and Foreign Exchange Hybrid Trading System 2022/04/07 - 4:24pm Academic Paper Artificial Neural Networks, Neural Networks, Financial Distress Predictions, Foreign Exchange Hybrid Trading System, Finance, Artificial Intelligence
Approximate Decision Trees For Machine Learning Classification on Tiny Printed Circuits 2022/04/06 - 5:43pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Approximate Decision Trees, Hardware Architecture, Printed Electronics, Bespoke Architectures, Approximate Computing, Decision Trees, Genetic Algorithm
Randomised Clinical Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines: Do Adenovirus-Vector Vaccines Have Beneficial Non-Specific Effects? 2022/04/06 - 4:59pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, mRNA Vaccines, Vaccines, Adenovirus-vector Vaccines
Probabilities of Causation: Three Counterfactual Interpretations and their Identification 2022/04/05 - 8:35pm External Course Causal Analysis, Causality Inference, Counterfactuals
Causality Models, Reasoning and Inference: Causal Data Science Course 2022/04/05 - 4:05pm External Course Causal Analysis, Causality Models, Causal Inference
Markov Chains Work Force Planning Models 2022/04/03 - 7:02pm External Course Markov Chains, Markov, Human Resources, Work Force Planning Models
Robust and Energy-efficient PPG-based Heart-Rate Monitoring 2022/03/31 - 5:47pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Signal Processing, PPG Sensor, Neural Architecture Search, Healthcare, Health Policy, Heart-Rate Monitoring, Temporal Convolutional Networks
Can stable and accurate neural networks be computed? -- On the barriers of deep learning and Smale's 18th problem 2022/03/31 - 5:43pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computational Neural Networks, Inverse Problems, Smale’s 18th Problem, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Neural and Evolutionary Computing, Numerical Analysis
A general approach for running Python codes in OpenFOAM using an embedded pybind11 Python interpreter 2022/03/31 - 5:39pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Python, Computational Engineering, Finance, pybind11
Optimization for Classical Machine Learning Problems on the GPU 2022/03/31 - 5:36pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, GPU, GPU Programming
AI Gone Astray: Technical Supplement 2022/03/31 - 5:33pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Healthcare, Health Policy, Patient Data, Patient Safety
Human Response to an AI-Based Decision Support System: A User Study on the Effects of Accuracy and Bias 2022/03/29 - 11:58pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Decision Support Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-AI interaction
A Multimodal Approach for Parkinson Disease Analysis 2022/03/29 - 11:52pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neurons and Cognition, Health Technology, Healthcare, Speech Analysis, Dysphagia, Parkinson Disease
Explaining Random Forest Prediction Through Diverse Rulesets 2022/03/29 - 11:44pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Interpretable ML, Random Forest, Random Survival Forest, Multi-label Classification