TensorFlow Tutorial - Convolutional Neural Network 2017/05/18 - 1:21pm Video TensorFlow, Convolutional Neural Network
TensorFlow Tutorial - Simple Linear Model 2017/05/18 - 1:17pm Video TensorFlow
Human-level Control Through Deep Reinforcement Learning 2017/05/17 - 9:46pm Academic Paper Reinforcement Learning, Hierarchical Sensory Processing, Deep Q-Network, Artificial Agent
Combining Evidence Using Bayes’ Rule 2017/05/17 - 9:35pm Academic Paper Naive Bayes, Bayes Rule, Combining Evidence, Naive Bayes Algorithm
Probabilistic Matrix Factorization for Automated Machine Learning 2017/05/17 - 9:31pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Probabilistic Matrix Factorization, Automated Machine Learning, Probability Theory
Domain Randomization for Transferring Deep Neural Networks from Simulation to the Real World 2017/05/17 - 9:27pm Academic Paper Robotics, Neural Networks, Domain Randomization, Simulation, Simulated Images
Predictability of Week-3–4 Average Temperature and Precipitation over the Contiguous United States 2017/05/17 - 9:21pm Academic Paper Forecasting, Combining Forecasts, Time Series Forecasting, Weather Research, Climate Science
Trading Value and Information in Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) 2017/05/17 - 9:16pm Academic Paper Markov Chains, Markov Decision Processes, MDP, INFO-RL Algorithm
Does Academic Research Destroy Stock Return Predictability? 2017/05/17 - 9:10pm Academic Paper Finance, Forecasting, Academic Research, Stock Return Predictability, Arbitrage, Market Efficiency, Statistical Bias.
… and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns 2017/05/17 - 9:05pm Academic Paper Finance, Forecasting
Manifestations of User Personality in Website Choice and Behaviour on Online Social Networks 2017/05/17 - 9:00pm Academic Paper Social Networks, Behavior, User Personality, Website Choice
Betting Against Correlation - Testing Theories of the Low-Risk Effect 2017/05/17 - 8:58pm White Paper Finance, Risk Management
2016 Analytics Trends 2017/05/17 - 8:56pm White Paper Analytics Trends
Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Vendors 2017 2017/05/17 - 8:52pm White Paper Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Vendors
Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017 2017/05/17 - 8:47pm White Paper Combining Forecasts, Weather Research, Time Series Forecasting, Forecasting
Deep Feature Flow for Video Recognition 2017/05/17 - 8:44pm Academic Paper Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Deep Feature Flow, Video Recognition, Convolutional Neutral Networks, Image Recognition
Algorithmic Systems, Opportunity, and Civil Rights - 2016 United States White House Report 2017/05/12 - 10:28am Academic Paper Law, Regulation, Algorithmic Decision-making, Human Rights, Discrimination, Civil Rights, Algorithmic Systems
European Union Regulations on Algorithmic Decision-making and a “Right to Explanation” 2017/05/12 - 10:19am Academic Paper Law, Regulation, Algorithmic Decision-making, Human Rights, Discrimination
Deep Episodic Value Iteration for Model-based Meta-Reinforcement Learning 2017/05/11 - 11:57am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Backpropagation, Deep Episodic Value Iteration, Meta-Reinforcement Learning
Generative Adversarial Trainer: Defense to Adversarial Perturbations with GAN 2017/05/11 - 11:53am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Network, Generative Adversarial Trainer, Adversarial Perturbations, GAN
Improving Drug Sensitivity Predictions in Precision Medicine Through Active Expert Knowledge Elicitation 2017/05/10 - 12:35pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Precision Medicine, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Drug Sensitivity Predictions, Expert Knowledge Elicitation
READ-BAD: A New Dataset and Evaluation Scheme for Baseline Detection in Archival Documents 2017/05/10 - 12:05pm Academic Paper Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, READ-BAD, Dataset and Evaluation Scheme, Baseline Detection, Archival Documents
Stable Architectures for Deep Neural Networks 2017/05/10 - 11:59am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Propagation Techniques, Ordinary Differential Equations
Making Contextual Decisions with Low Technical Debt 2017/05/10 - 11:52am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Technical Debt, Contextual Decisions, Decision Service, Bandit Learning
Replicating Anomalies 2017/05/10 - 9:52am Academic Paper Replication, P-hacking, Anomalies, The q-Factor Model, Efficient Markets
Junk News and Bots during the French Presidential Election - What Are French Voters Sharing Over Twitter 2017/05/10 - 9:49am Academic Paper Fake News, Junk News, Bots, Law, Presidential Election, France, Voters, Twitter
The Personalized Medicine Report - 2017 2017/05/06 - 12:54pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Personalized Medicine, Ethics, Law
Sociophysics: Review of Galam Models 2017/05/06 - 12:52pm Academic Paper Complex Systems, Sociophysics, Galam Models, Assymetry, Assymetric Operations
Dynamics of Minority Opinions in Democratic Debate 2017/05/06 - 12:50pm Academic Paper Complex Systems, Minority Opinions, Democratic Debate, Assymetry, Assymetric Operations
Discrimination in Online Ad Delivery 2017/05/06 - 12:48pm Academic Paper Discrimination, Online Ad Delivery, Ethics, Law, Data Privacy
On the Existence of a ‘Tropical Hot Spot’ & The Validity of EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding 2017/05/06 - 12:46pm Academic Paper Climate Change, Dynamic Environments, Negligent Data Science, Tropical Hot Spot, EPA, CO2
Social and Ethical Behavior in the Internet of Things 2017/05/06 - 12:42pm Academic Paper Internet of Things, Ethics, Law
In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Tensor Processing Unit 2017/04/26 - 12:16pm Academic Paper Custom ASIC, Tensor Processing Unit, TPU, Datacenter Performance, Machine Learning, Hardware Architecture, Neural and Evolutionary Computing
Bubbles for Fama 2017/04/26 - 12:08pm Academic Paper Machine Learning in Finance and Trading, Economics, Eugene Fama, Stock Prices, Price Bubbles
Two Artificial Neural Networks Meet in an Online Hub and Change the Future (Of Competition, Market Dynamics and Society) 2017/04/26 - 11:46am Academic Paper Artificial Neural Networks, Collusion, Competition, Algorithms, Behavioral Discrimination, Market Dynamics, Society)
Genomic Analyses Reveal the Influence of Geographic Origin, Migration, and Hybridization on Modern Dog Breed Development 2017/04/26 - 11:35am Academic Paper Genome, Genomic Analyses, Dog Breed Development, Canine
Detecting Cancer Metastases on Gigapixel Pathology Images 2017/04/23 - 11:20am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Healthcare, Cancer Metastases, Gigapixel Pathology Images
One-Shot Imitation Learning 2017/04/23 - 11:16am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Imitation Learning, Neural and Evolutionary Computing, Robotics
Learning to Generate Reviews and Discovering Sentiment 2017/04/23 - 11:12am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neural and Evolutionary Computing, Generate Reviews, Discovering Sentiment
Learning to Remember Rare Events 2017/04/22 - 10:21pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Memory-augmented Deep Neural Networks, Neural Networks, Supervised Neural Network
Bridging the Gap Between Value and Policy Based Reinforcement Learning 2017/04/22 - 10:15pm Academic Paper Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Adversarial Training Methods for Semi-Supervised Text Classification 2017/04/22 - 10:09pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Adversarial Training Methods, Semi-Supervised Text Classification
Adversarial Machine Learning at Scale 2017/04/22 - 10:05pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Adversarial Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Cryptography, Security
Continuous Deep Q-Learning with Model-based Acceleration 2017/04/22 - 10:02pm Academic Paper Continuous Deep Q-Learning, Model-based Acceleration, Robotics, Systems and Control, Artificial Intelligence
Evolution Strategies as a Scalable Alternative to Reinforcement Learning 2017/04/03 - 10:35pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Evolution Strategies, Reinforcement Learning, Neural and Evolutionary Computing
Modeling Human Understanding of Complex Intentional Action with a Bayesian Nonparametric Subgoal Model 2017/04/03 - 2:02pm Academic Paper Complex Intentional Action, Bayesian Nonparametric Subgoal Model
A Comparative Evaluation of Approximate Probabilistic Simulation and Deep Neural Networks as Accounts of Human Physical Scene Understanding 2017/04/03 - 1:58pm Academic Paper Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Probabilistic Simulation, Approximate Probabilistic Simulation, Physical Scene Understanding
Single Image 3D Interpreter Network 2017/04/03 - 1:54pm Academic Paper 3D Structure, Single Image 3D Reconstruction, Keypoint Estimation, Neural Network, Synthetic Data
Beating the World's Best at Super Smash Bros. with Deep Reinforcement Learning 2017/04/03 - 1:49pm Academic Paper Deep Reinforcement Learning, Reinforcement Learning
Computing Exponentially Faster: Implementing a Nondeterministic Universal Turing Machine using DNA 2017/04/03 - 1:07pm Academic Paper Complex Computing, Nondeterministic Universal Turing Machine, DNA