Causal Data Science: Graphical Models, Exchangeable Models and Graphons 2022/04/14 - 2:41am External Course Causal Data Science, Graphical Models, Exchangeable Models, Graphons, Elias Bareinboim
Causal Data Science: A General Framework for Causal Inference and Fusion 2022/04/14 - 2:37am External Course Elias Bareinboim, Data Science, Causal Data Science, Causal Inference, Causal Reasoning
Clinical Concept Embeddings Learned from Massive Sources of Multimodal Medical Data 2022/04/13 - 11:15pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Data, Natural Language Processing, Computation and Language
An Artificial Neural Networks Primer with Financial Applications Examples in Financial Distress Predictions and Foreign Exchange Hybrid Trading System 2022/04/07 - 4:24pm Academic Paper Artificial Neural Networks, Neural Networks, Financial Distress Predictions, Foreign Exchange Hybrid Trading System, Finance, Artificial Intelligence
Approximate Decision Trees For Machine Learning Classification on Tiny Printed Circuits 2022/04/06 - 5:43pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Approximate Decision Trees, Hardware Architecture, Printed Electronics, Bespoke Architectures, Approximate Computing, Decision Trees, Genetic Algorithm
Randomised Clinical Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines: Do Adenovirus-Vector Vaccines Have Beneficial Non-Specific Effects? 2022/04/06 - 4:59pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, mRNA Vaccines, Vaccines, Adenovirus-vector Vaccines
Probabilities of Causation: Three Counterfactual Interpretations and their Identification 2022/04/05 - 8:35pm External Course Causal Analysis, Causality Inference, Counterfactuals
Causality Models, Reasoning and Inference: Causal Data Science Course 2022/04/05 - 4:05pm External Course Causal Analysis, Causality Models, Causal Inference
Markov Chains Work Force Planning Models 2022/04/03 - 7:02pm External Course Markov Chains, Markov, Human Resources, Work Force Planning Models
Robust and Energy-efficient PPG-based Heart-Rate Monitoring 2022/03/31 - 5:47pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Signal Processing, PPG Sensor, Neural Architecture Search, Healthcare, Health Policy, Heart-Rate Monitoring, Temporal Convolutional Networks
Can stable and accurate neural networks be computed? -- On the barriers of deep learning and Smale's 18th problem 2022/03/31 - 5:43pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computational Neural Networks, Inverse Problems, Smale’s 18th Problem, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Neural and Evolutionary Computing, Numerical Analysis
A general approach for running Python codes in OpenFOAM using an embedded pybind11 Python interpreter 2022/03/31 - 5:39pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Python, Computational Engineering, Finance, pybind11
Optimization for Classical Machine Learning Problems on the GPU 2022/03/31 - 5:36pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, GPU, GPU Programming
AI Gone Astray: Technical Supplement 2022/03/31 - 5:33pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Healthcare, Health Policy, Patient Data, Patient Safety
Human Response to an AI-Based Decision Support System: A User Study on the Effects of Accuracy and Bias 2022/03/29 - 11:58pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Decision Support Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-AI interaction
A Multimodal Approach for Parkinson Disease Analysis 2022/03/29 - 11:52pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neurons and Cognition, Health Technology, Healthcare, Speech Analysis, Dysphagia, Parkinson Disease
Explaining Random Forest Prediction Through Diverse Rulesets 2022/03/29 - 11:44pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Interpretable ML, Random Forest, Random Survival Forest, Multi-label Classification
Randomized trials and their observational emulations: a framework for benchmarking and joint analysis 2022/03/29 - 12:14am Academic Paper Randomized Trials, Joint Analysis, Random Classification, Randomized Experimental Design
Damped Online Newton Step for Portfolio Selection 2022/03/28 - 9:28pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Optimization and Control, Finance, Quantitative Finance, Universal Portfolio Selection Algorithm, Damped Online Newton
GEMA: An open-source Python library for self-organizing-maps 2022/03/26 - 10:18am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Python, Neural and Evolutionary Computing
A Rationale-Centric Framework for Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning 2022/03/26 - 10:15am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning, Computation and Language
ACE: Towards Application-Centric Edge-Cloud Collaborative Intelligence 2022/03/26 - 10:12am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing, Edge-Cloud Collaborative Intelligence
Intelligent Systematic Investment Agent: an ensemble of deep learning and evolutionary strategies 2022/03/26 - 10:08am Academic Paper Investment Strategy, Finance, Machine Learning, Neural and Evolutionary Computing, Trading Strategies
Dexterous Imitation Made Easy: A Learning-Based Framework for Efficient Dexterous Manipulation 2022/03/26 - 10:04am Academic Paper Robotics, Robotic Manipulation, Collective Robot Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Reflecting on HCI: Perennial Questions, Emerging Technoscapes 2022/03/23 - 1:08am External Course Human Computer Interaction, HCI, Technoscapes
A Data Driven Society 2022/03/22 - 12:59am External Course Data Driven Society, Big Data Analysis, Data Science
The Causal Foundations of Applied Probability and Statistics 2022/03/20 - 8:37pm External Course Probabilistic Logic, Probability Theory, Causality, Causal Inference, Applied Probability, Statistics
Reinforcement Learning for Precision Oncology 2022/03/18 - 5:31pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Healthcare, Oncology, Reinforcement Learning, Precision Oncology, Dose Adjustment, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy
Experimental Quantum Speed-up in Reinforcement Learning Agents 2022/03/18 - 5:26pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning Agents, Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics
A Rigorous and Robust Quantum Speed-up in Supervised Machine Learning 2022/03/18 - 5:22pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Supervised Machine Learning, Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing
Quantum Phase Recognition via Unsupervised Machine Learning 2022/03/18 - 5:18pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Quantum Phase Recognition, Strongly Correlated Electrons, Disordered Systems and Neural Networks, Statistical Mechanics
Scheduling with Predictions and the Price of Misprediction 2022/03/18 - 5:14pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Price of Misprediction, Data Structures and Algorithms
Chip Placement with Deep Reinforcement Learning 2022/03/18 - 5:10pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Chip Placement, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Chip Design
LISA: Towards Learned DNA Sequence Search 2022/03/18 - 5:07pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Genomics, Learned DNA Sequence Search, DNA Sequence Search, Data Structures and Algorithms
PDNS-Net: A Large Heterogeneous Graph Benchmark Dataset of Network Resolutions for Graph Learning 2022/03/16 - 6:29pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Causal Graphs, Heterogeneous Graph Benchmark Datasets, Graph Learning, Cryptography and Security
Object Detection as Probabilistic Set Prediction 2022/03/16 - 5:58pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Object Detection, Probabilistic Set Prediction, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Probabilistic Object Detection, Random Finite Sets, Proper Scoring Rules, Uncertainty Estimation
MSCET: A Multi-Scenario Offloading Schedule for Biomedical Data Processing and Analysis in Cloud-Edge-Terminal Collaborative Vehicular Networks 2022/03/16 - 5:47pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Health Policy, Biomedical Data Processing and Analysis, Cloud-Edge-Terminal Collaborative Vehicular Networks, Optimization, Resource Allocation, Task Offloading, Internet of Things
POETREE: Interpretable Policy Learning with Adaptive Decision Trees 2022/03/16 - 5:40pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Interpretable Policy Learning, Adaptive Decision Trees, Decision Trees
One Network Doesn't Rule Them All: Moving Beyond Handcrafted Architectures in Self-Supervised Learning 2022/03/16 - 5:37pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Supervised Learning, Neural Architecture Search, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Privacy-Aware Compression for Federated Data Analysis 2022/03/16 - 5:34pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Privacy, Compression, Federated Data Analysis, Cryptography and Security
Threat Detection for General Social Engineering Attack Using Machine Learning Techniques 2022/03/16 - 5:31pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Threat Detection, General Social Engineering Attack, Social Engineering Dataset, Attack Features, Cryptography and Security
How Many People Died from the Covid-19 Inoculations? An Estimate Based on a Survey of the United States Population 2022/03/16 - 5:12pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, mRNA Vaccines, Vaccines, Inoculation, Fatalities, Injuries
Group Life COVID-19 Mortality Survey Report 2022/03/16 - 4:14pm White Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Mortality Survey Report, Mortality Rate
Active Elastocapillarity in Soft Solids with Negative Surface Tension 2022/03/15 - 12:06am Academic Paper Robotics, Robot Motion, Robotic Metamaterials, Shape-shifting Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, Nanoscale Physics, Active Elastocapillarity
Do Vision Transformers See Like Convolutional Neural Networks? 2022/03/14 - 11:58pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Image and Video Processing
TransGAN: Two Pure Transformers Can Make One Strong GAN, and That Can Scale Up 2022/03/14 - 11:54pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Image and Video Processing
VATT: Transformers for Multimodal Self-Supervised Learning from Raw Video, Audio and Text 2022/03/14 - 11:39pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Image and Video Processing
Attention Is All You Need 2022/03/14 - 11:35pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computation and Language
Statistical and Causal Approaches to Machine Learning 2022/03/13 - 10:47pm External Course Machine Learning
Data Representativity for Machine Learning and AI Systems 2022/03/10 - 5:39pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, AI Systems, Data Representativity, Sampling Strategies, Distribution Shif