Demonstrating How Low-Cost Randomized Controlled Trials Can Drive Effective Social Spending 2014/02/08 - 10:01am White Paper Public Policy, Data Science, Scientific Method, Randomized Controlled Trials, Social Spending, Contolled Experiments
Next-generation Sequencing Data Interpretation - Enhancing Reproducibility and Accessibility 2014/02/08 - 9:58am Academic Paper Healthcare, Genetics, Scientific Method, Data Science, Data Interpretation, Reproducibility, Accessibility, Clinical Research
Probability and Risk in the Real World 2014/02/08 - 9:54am Academic Paper Probabilistic Logic, Predictive Analytics, Risk Management, Tail Risks, Statistics, Asymmetries, Inferential Asymmetries, Fat Tails, Random Matrices
Statistical Undecidability 2014/02/08 - 9:27am Academic Paper Decision Algorithms, Decision Processes, Statistics, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Probabilistic Logic
A Map and Simple Heuristic to Detect Fragility, Antifragility and Model Error 2014/02/08 - 9:21am Academic Paper Model Errors, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Heuristic, Fragility, Antifragility, Tail Risks, Probabilistic Logic
Ushering in a New Era of Open Science Through Data Sharing 2014/02/08 - 9:15am Academic Paper Open Science, Data Sharing, Clinical Research
Randomness and Coincidences - Reconciling Intuition and Probability Theory 2014/02/07 - 11:06pm Academic Paper Data Science, Randomness, Coincidences, Intuition, Probability Theory, Probabilistic Logic
Online Contolled Experiments at Large Scale 2014/02/07 - 11:03pm Slides Experimentation, Data Science, Contolled Experiments, Reproducibility
Face Up to False Positives 2014/02/07 - 10:45pm Academic Paper Data Science, False Positives, Scientific Method, Genetics
The Future Has Thicker Tails than the Past: Model Error As Branching Counterfactuals 2014/02/07 - 10:42pm Academic Paper Predictive Analytics, Forecasting, Fukushima, Counterfactual Histories, Probability, Model Errors, Fragility, Antifragility, Fourth Quadrant, Finance
Experiments vs Computer Simulations - A Tale of Two Methods 2014/02/07 - 12:03pm Academic Paper Scientific Method, Computer Simulations, Validation, Reproducibility, Data Science, Experimentation, Model Checking
Offspring from Reproduction Problems - What Replication Failure Teaches Us 2014/02/07 - 11:58am Academic Paper Scientific Method, Validation, Reproducibility, Reproduction Problems, Replication Failure, Data Science, Experimentation
Dremel - Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets 2014/02/06 - 11:32am Academic Paper Big Data Infrastructure, Dremel, Data Analysis, Interactive Analysis
A Resampling Technique for Relational Data Graphs 2014/02/05 - 8:53am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Algorithms, Bootstrapping, Resampling, Graphs, Relational Data Graphs, Graphical Models
How To Design A Good API 2014/02/04 - 1:13pm Video API, Application Programming Interfaces
Designing Data Visualizations 2014/02/04 - 1:09pm Video Data Science, Data Visualization
Introduction to R for Data Mining 2014/02/04 - 12:59pm Video R Language, Data Mining
Using R/Deducer for Statistics and Graphics 2014/02/04 - 12:57pm Video R Language, Deducer, GUI, Statistics, Graphics
Deducer Introduction: Data Analysis GUI for R 2014/02/04 - 12:52pm Video R Language, Deducer, Data Analysis, GUI
A Hidden Markov Model of Customer Relationship Dynamics 2014/02/04 - 9:19am Academic Paper Hidden Markov Models, Customer Relationship Management, Buying Behavior, Marketing, Dynamic Choice Model, Segmentation, Bayesian Analysis, Data Science, Markov Decision Processes, Markov Logic Networks
A Hybrid System based on Multi-Agent System in the Data Preprocessing Stage 2014/02/04 - 9:08am Academic Paper Multi-Agent System, Data Preprocessing, JADE, Web Services, Ontology, Data Mining, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning
Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis 2014/02/03 - 1:02pm Academic Paper Big Data, Data Science, Data Analysis, Generalized N-Body, Graph-Theoretic Computations, Linear Algebraic Computations
A Framework for Clustering Evolving Data Streams 2014/02/02 - 11:08am Academic Paper Clustering, Data Streams, Data Stream Clustering Algorithms, One-pass Clustering Algorithms, Algorithm, Pyramidal Time Frame, Micro-clustering, Stream Clustering Framework, CluStream Framework, Macro-cluster
Agent-based Computational Finance 2014/02/02 - 10:46am Academic Paper Agent-based Model, Intelligent Agents, Computational Finance, Finance, Trading
Economy Needs Agent-based Modelling 2014/02/02 - 10:43am Academic Paper Economics, Agent-based Model, Intelligent Agents, Hidden Markov Models
Market Force Ecology and Evolution 2014/02/02 - 10:40am Academic Paper Finance, Financial Markets, Trading, Economics, Price Formation
Experiments in Evolutionary Finance 2014/02/01 - 11:45am Academic Paper Finance, Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Algorithm, Machine Learning, šArtificial Stock Market
Predictive Power of Zero Intelligence in Financial Markets 2014/02/01 - 11:42am Academic Paper Finance, Predictive Analytics, Intelligent Agents
Broken Promises of Privacy - Responding to Failure of Anonymization 2014/02/01 - 11:39am Academic Paper Anonymization, Information Privacy Law, Privacy, Data Science, Regulation, Law, General Data Protection Regulation, Reidentification Techniques, Release and Forget Model
Information Privacy in the Cloud 2014/02/01 - 11:31am Academic Paper Privacy, Cloud, Big Data, Data Science, Regulation, Law, General Data Protection Regulation”
Relativistic Statistical Arbitrage 2014/01/31 - 12:51pm Academic Paper Finance, Financial Markets, Statistics, Arbitrage, Trading Strategies, High-frequency Financial Trading
Reversible Statistics - The Making of Statistical Facts and Artifacts in Economics 2014/01/31 - 12:43pm Academic Paper Reversible Statistics, Diverse Materials, Constructivism, Economics, Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics
Connecting Workforce Analytics to Better Business Results 2014/01/30 - 1:05pm Academic Paper Human Resources, Data Science, Workforce Analytics
Pseudo-Social Network Targeting from Consumer Transaction Data 2014/01/30 - 1:02pm Academic Paper Social Network Targeting, Consumer Transaction Data, Social Network Analysis, Response Modeling, Banking, Customer Analytics, Data Science, Marketing
Mining Massive Graphs for Telecommunication Applications 2014/01/30 - 12:59pm Slides Mining, Graphs, Telecommunication Applications, Fraud, Network Marketing, Loyalty Studies, Proximity Models, Connection Subgraphs
Network-Based Marketing - Identifying Likely Adopters via Consumer Networks 2014/01/30 - 12:56pm Academic Paper Network-Based Marketing, Consumer Networks, Viral Marketing, Targeted Marketing, Network Analysis, Classification, Statistical Relational Learning
Structure and Function of Complex Networks 2014/01/29 - 10:35am Academic Paper Networks, Small-world Effect, Degree Distributions, Clustering, Network Correlations, Random Graph Models, Network Growth, Preferential Attachment
Strategic Experimentation in Networks 2014/01/29 - 10:31am Academic Paper Experimentation, Networks, Social Networks
Audience Selection for On-line Brand Advertising - Privacy-friendly Social Network Targeting 2014/01/29 - 10:28am Academic Paper Algorithms, Design, Experimentation On-line Advertising, Predictive Modeling, Social Networks, User-generated Content, Privacy
Automated Trading with Boosting and Expert Weighting 2014/01/28 - 11:41am Academic Paper Automated Trading, Boosting, Expert Weighting, Machine Learning, Algorithmic Trading, Algorithms
Using Adaboost for Equity Investment Scorecards 2014/01/28 - 11:38am Academic Paper Adaboost, Boosting, Machine Learning, Finance, Trading
A Full-Featured Enterprise Big Data Analytics Solution 2014/01/28 - 11:14am Video Big Data, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics Ecosystem
Collective Intelligence for Data Center Operations Management 2014/01/28 - 11:12am Video Data Center, Big Data Infrastructure
Real-time Analytics using Cassandra, Spark and Shark 2014/01/28 - 10:59am Video Real-time Analytics, Cassandra, Spark, Shark, Streaming, NoSQL
Improving Within-Network Classification with Local Attributes 2014/01/27 - 11:00am Academic Paper Relational Bayesian Networks, Probabilistic Relational Models, Network Classification, Local Attributes, Machine Learning, Data Science
Linking Network Structure and Diffusion through Stochastic Dominance 2014/01/27 - 10:57am Academic Paper Network Structure, Diffusion, Stochastic Dominance, Machine Learning, Data Science
Random-Walk Computation of Similarities between Nodes of a Graph with Application to Collaborative Recommendation 2014/01/27 - 10:54am Academic Paper Collaborative Recommendation, Pseudoinverse, Laplacian Matrix, Euclidean, Principal Components Analysis, Fiedler Vector, Statistical Relational Learning
Real-Time Big Data Analytics with Storm 2014/01/26 - 9:17pm Video Storm, Real-Time, Real-Time Big Data Analytics, Real-time Processing, Streaming
Three Paradoxes of Big Data 2014/01/26 - 9:14pm Academic Paper Big Data, Privacy, Data Science, Transparency Paradox, Identity Paradox, Power Paradox
A Link Mining Algorithm for Earnings Forecast and Trading 2014/01/26 - 9:09pm Academic Paper Algorithm, Link Mining Algorithm, Finance, CorpInterlock Algorithm, Social Network, Machine Learning, Computational Finance, Trading Strategies, Data Mining Applications