Learning New Facts From Knowledge Bases With Neural Tensor Networks and Semantic Word Vectors 2014/01/11 - 12:51pm Academic Paper Knowledge Bases, Neural Tensor Networks, Semantic Word Vectors, Ontologies, Learned Entity Vectors
Machine Learning Tutorial Part 1 2014/01/10 - 2:15pm Video Machine Learning
Machine Learning Tutorial Part 2 2014/01/10 - 2:14pm Video Machine Learning
Machine Learning Tutorial Part 3 2014/01/10 - 2:13pm Video Machine Learning
Machine Learning Tutorial Part 4 2014/01/10 - 2:12pm Video Machine Learning
Machine Learning Tutorial Part 5 2014/01/10 - 2:10pm Video Machine Learning
Machine Learning Tutorial Part 6 2014/01/10 - 2:07pm Video Machine Learning
Minimizing Expected Termination Time in One-Counter Markov Decision Processes 2014/01/10 - 1:56pm Academic Paper Automata-theoretic Models, Markov Decision Processes, Pushdown Automata, Petri Nets, Lossy Channel Systems
Learning Factor Graphs in Polynomial Time & Sample Complexity 2014/01/10 - 1:48pm Academic Paper Graphical Models, Bayesian Networks, Markov Networks, Learning Factor Graphs, Polynomial Time, Sample Complexity
What is Quantum Field Theory, and What Did We Think It Is? 2014/01/10 - 1:43pm Academic Paper Physics, Quantum Field Theory
Machine Learning and AI via Brain Simulations 2014/01/08 - 11:01am Slides Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Neuroscience, Algorithm
Visual Behaviour Mediated by Retinal Projections Directed to the Auditory Pathway 2014/01/08 - 10:59am Academic Paper Brain, Neuroscience, Neuropathology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
A General Model for Online Probabilistic Plan Recognition 2014/01/07 - 7:16am Academic Paper Abstract Hidden Markov Memory Model, Markov, Algorithm, Probabilities, Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filter, Probabilistic Logic
Consistency of Online Random Forests 2014/01/06 - 10:46am Academic Paper Random Forests, Algorithm
Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab 2014/01/03 - 10:58am Video Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, NASA
A Low Complexity Visualization Tool that Helps to Perform Complex Systems Analysis 2014/01/02 - 10:34am Academic Paper Network, Visualization, Network Visualization, Shell Clusters, K-Shells, K-core Decomposition.
Deep Neural Networks for Acoustic Modeling in Speech Recognition 2014/01/01 - 1:08pm Academic Paper Neural Networks, Acoustic Modeling, Speech Recognition, Machine Learning
Data Science Team in Action 2014/01/01 - 1:04pm Video Data Science
Tapping into the Pulse of the Data Science Movement 2014/01/01 - 1:02pm Video Data Science
Data Scientist DNA 2014/01/01 - 12:59pm Video Data Scientist, Data Science
Machine-Learning with Real-time and Streaming Applications 2014/01/01 - 12:55pm Video Machine Learning, Real-Time, Streaming, Hadoop, Storm, Spark
Data Science & bitly: Hilary Mason 2014/01/01 - 12:52pm Video Data Science, bitly, Hilary Mason
Dirty Secrets of Data Science 2014/01/01 - 12:50pm Video Data Science
What is a Career in Big Data? 2014/01/01 - 12:48pm Video Career, Jobs
A Direct Method for Building Sparse Kernel Learning Algorithms 2014/01/01 - 10:20am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Kernel Learning Algorithms, Sparse Kernel, Algorithm
High-Level Information Fusion with Bayesian Semantics 2014/01/01 - 10:04am Academic Paper Information Fusion, Bayesian
Experiences and Challenges in Automated Support for Intelligence in Assymetric Operations 2014/01/01 - 10:02am Academic Paper Assymetric Operations, Information Fusion
Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithms 2013/12/31 - 9:44am Academic Paper Kernel Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning. Learning Algorithm, Algorithm
Data Augmentation for Support Vector Machines 2013/12/31 - 9:42am Academic Paper Data Augmentation, Support Vector Machines
Rao-Blackwellization for Bayesian Variable Selection and Model Averaging in Linear and Binary Regression A Novel Data Augmentation Approach 2013/12/31 - 9:40am Academic Paper Rao-Blackwellization, Bayesian, Linear Regression, Binary Regression, Data Augmentation
Final Report and Recommendations of The President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies 2013/12/31 - 9:39am White Paper Surveillance, Intelligence, Communications, Privacy, National Security
Ensembling Neural Networks: Many Could Be Better Than All 2013/12/30 - 11:46pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Neural Network Ensemble, Boosting, Algorithm
Minimum Majority Classification and Boosting 2013/12/30 - 11:41pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Boosting, Algorithm, Classification
Direct Divergence Approximation between Probability Distributions and Its Applications in Machine Learning 2013/12/30 - 11:38pm Academic Paper Direct Divergence Approximation, Probability Distributions, Machine Learning
Quasi-Geodesic Neural Learning Algorithms Over the Orthogonal Group 2013/12/30 - 11:34pm Academic Paper Algorithm, Neural Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning, Riemannian Gradient
Robust Optimization for Unconstrained Simulation-based Problems 2013/12/30 - 11:29pm Academic Paper Optimization, Simulation, Data Uncertainty, Nonconvex Optimization
Conjugate Relation between Loss Functions and Uncertainty Sets in Classification Problems 2013/12/30 - 11:24pm Academic Paper Binary Classification, Classification
Unified Robust Classification Model 2013/12/30 - 11:21pm Academic Paper Algorithm, Machine Learning, Classification
Second-order Perception Algorithm 2013/12/30 - 11:16pm Academic Paper Algorithm, Perception Algorithm, Patter, Classification
Introduction to Boosting and Leveraging 2013/12/30 - 11:12pm Academic Paper Boosting
Extracting Symbolic Rules from Trained Neural Network Ensembles 2013/12/30 - 11:10pm Academic Paper Boosting, Symbolic Rules, Neural Networks
Totally Corrective Boosting Algorithms that Maximize the Margin 2013/12/30 - 11:00pm Academic Paper Boosting, Algorithms
Different Boosting Algorithms 2013/12/30 - 10:56pm Academic Paper Boosting, Algorithms
LogitBoost Algorithm 2013/12/30 - 10:54pm Academic Paper LogitBoost, Algorithm, Boosting
MadaBoost Algorithm 2013/12/30 - 10:52pm Academic Paper MadaBoost, Algorithm, Boosting
BrownBoost Algorithm 2013/12/30 - 10:51pm Academic Paper BrownBoost, Algorithm, Boosting
LPBoost Algorithm 2013/12/30 - 10:48pm Academic Paper LPBoost, Algorithm, Boosting
Adaboost Tutorial 2013/12/30 - 10:46pm Slides Adaboost, Algorithm, Boosting
Adaboost Algorithm 2013/12/30 - 10:44pm Slides Adaboost, Algorithm, Boosting
Proposal for Neuromorphic Hardware using Spin Devices 2013/12/30 - 6:02pm Academic Paper Neuromorphic, Hardware, Spin Devices, Neurons, Neuromorphic Chip Design