James Simons and C.N. Yang - Interview 2019/01/12 - 9:38pm Video Physics, Wu-Yang dictionary, James Simons, C.N. Yang, Gauge Theory, Geometry
Concept of Nonintegrable Phase Factors and Global Formulation of Gauge Fields 2019/01/12 - 9:34pm Academic Paper Physics, Nonintegrable Phase Factors, Wu-Yang dictionary, Gauge Theory, Geometry
Please Stop Explaining Black Box Models for High Stakes Decisions 2018/11/23 - 12:40am Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Black Box Models, Interpretation
Skin in the Game - Nassim Nicholas Taleb 2018/11/08 - 1:10am Video Skin in the Game, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Stoicism, Philosophy of Science, Ancients, Probabilistic Logic
Complete Python Pandas Data Science Tutorial 2018/10/25 - 7:46pm Video Python, Pandas, Data Science, CSV, Excel files, Sorting, Filtering, Groupby
How AI Traders Will Dominate Hedge Fund Industry 2018/10/19 - 2:50am Video Artificial Intelligence, AI, Trading, Hedge Fund
TensorFlow Tutorial - Reinforcement Learning 2017/05/18 - 2:26pm Video TensorFlow, Reinforcement Learning
TensorFlow Tutorial - GPU vs. CPU Speed 2017/05/18 - 2:23pm Video TensorFlow, Speed, GPU, CPU
TensorFlow Tutorial - Style Transfer Algorithm 2017/05/18 - 2:16pm Video TensorFlow, Style Transfer Algorithm
TensorFlow Tutorial - DeepDream Algorithm 2017/05/18 - 2:14pm Video TensorFlow, DeepDream Algorithm
TensorFlow Tutorial - Visual Analysis 2017/05/18 - 2:11pm Video TensorFlow, Visual Analysis
TensorFlow Tutorial - Adversarial Noise for MNIST 2017/05/18 - 2:08pm Video TensorFlow, Adversarial Noise for MNIST
TensorFlow Tutorial - Adversarial Examples 2017/05/18 - 2:05pm Video TensorFlow, Adversarial Examples
TensorFlow Tutorial - Video Data 2017/05/18 - 2:02pm Video TensorFlow, Video Data
TensorFlow Tutorial - Transfer Learning 2017/05/18 - 1:58pm Video TensorFlow, Transfer Learning
TensorFlow Tutorial - Inception Model 2017/05/18 - 1:54pm Video TensorFlow, Inception Model
TensorFlow Tutorial - CIFAR-10 2017/05/18 - 1:45pm Video TensorFlow, CIFAR-10
TensorFlow Tutorial - Ensemble Learning 2017/05/18 - 1:42pm Video TensorFlow, Ensemble Learning
TensorFlow Tutorial - Save & Restore 2017/05/18 - 1:37pm Video TensorFlow, Save & Restore
TensorFlow Tutorial - Layers API 2017/05/18 - 1:32pm Video TensorFlow, Layers API
TensorFlow Tutorial - Pretty Tensor 2017/05/18 - 1:25pm Video TensorFlow, Pretty Tensor
TensorFlow Tutorial - Convolutional Neural Network 2017/05/18 - 1:21pm Video TensorFlow, Convolutional Neural Network
TensorFlow Tutorial - Simple Linear Model 2017/05/18 - 1:17pm Video TensorFlow
Human-level Control Through Deep Reinforcement Learning 2017/05/17 - 9:46pm Academic Paper Reinforcement Learning, Hierarchical Sensory Processing, Deep Q-Network, Artificial Agent
Combining Evidence Using Bayes’ Rule 2017/05/17 - 9:35pm Academic Paper Naive Bayes, Bayes Rule, Combining Evidence, Naive Bayes Algorithm
Probabilistic Matrix Factorization for Automated Machine Learning 2017/05/17 - 9:31pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Probabilistic Matrix Factorization, Automated Machine Learning, Probability Theory
Domain Randomization for Transferring Deep Neural Networks from Simulation to the Real World 2017/05/17 - 9:27pm Academic Paper Robotics, Neural Networks, Domain Randomization, Simulation, Simulated Images
Predictability of Week-3–4 Average Temperature and Precipitation over the Contiguous United States 2017/05/17 - 9:21pm Academic Paper Forecasting, Combining Forecasts, Time Series Forecasting, Weather Research, Climate Science
Trading Value and Information in Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) 2017/05/17 - 9:16pm Academic Paper Markov Chains, Markov Decision Processes, MDP, INFO-RL Algorithm
Does Academic Research Destroy Stock Return Predictability? 2017/05/17 - 9:10pm Academic Paper Finance, Forecasting, Academic Research, Stock Return Predictability, Arbitrage, Market Efficiency, Statistical Bias.
… and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns 2017/05/17 - 9:05pm Academic Paper Finance, Forecasting
Manifestations of User Personality in Website Choice and Behaviour on Online Social Networks 2017/05/17 - 9:00pm Academic Paper Social Networks, Behavior, User Personality, Website Choice
Betting Against Correlation - Testing Theories of the Low-Risk Effect 2017/05/17 - 8:58pm White Paper Finance, Risk Management
2016 Analytics Trends 2017/05/17 - 8:56pm White Paper Analytics Trends
Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Vendors 2017 2017/05/17 - 8:52pm White Paper Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Vendors
Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017 2017/05/17 - 8:47pm White Paper Combining Forecasts, Weather Research, Time Series Forecasting, Forecasting
Deep Feature Flow for Video Recognition 2017/05/17 - 8:44pm Academic Paper Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Deep Feature Flow, Video Recognition, Convolutional Neutral Networks, Image Recognition
Algorithmic Systems, Opportunity, and Civil Rights - 2016 United States White House Report 2017/05/12 - 10:28am Academic Paper Law, Regulation, Algorithmic Decision-making, Human Rights, Discrimination, Civil Rights, Algorithmic Systems
European Union Regulations on Algorithmic Decision-making and a “Right to Explanation” 2017/05/12 - 10:19am Academic Paper Law, Regulation, Algorithmic Decision-making, Human Rights, Discrimination
Deep Episodic Value Iteration for Model-based Meta-Reinforcement Learning 2017/05/11 - 11:57am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Backpropagation, Deep Episodic Value Iteration, Meta-Reinforcement Learning
Generative Adversarial Trainer: Defense to Adversarial Perturbations with GAN 2017/05/11 - 11:53am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Network, Generative Adversarial Trainer, Adversarial Perturbations, GAN
Improving Drug Sensitivity Predictions in Precision Medicine Through Active Expert Knowledge Elicitation 2017/05/10 - 12:35pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Precision Medicine, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Drug Sensitivity Predictions, Expert Knowledge Elicitation
READ-BAD: A New Dataset and Evaluation Scheme for Baseline Detection in Archival Documents 2017/05/10 - 12:05pm Academic Paper Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, READ-BAD, Dataset and Evaluation Scheme, Baseline Detection, Archival Documents
Stable Architectures for Deep Neural Networks 2017/05/10 - 11:59am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Propagation Techniques, Ordinary Differential Equations
Replicating Anomalies 2017/05/10 - 9:52am Academic Paper Replication, P-hacking, Anomalies, The q-Factor Model, Efficient Markets
Junk News and Bots during the French Presidential Election - What Are French Voters Sharing Over Twitter 2017/05/10 - 9:49am Academic Paper Fake News, Junk News, Bots, Law, Presidential Election, France, Voters, Twitter
The Personalized Medicine Report - 2017 2017/05/06 - 12:54pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Personalized Medicine, Ethics, Law
Sociophysics: Review of Galam Models 2017/05/06 - 12:52pm Academic Paper Complex Systems, Sociophysics, Galam Models, Assymetry, Assymetric Operations
Dynamics of Minority Opinions in Democratic Debate 2017/05/06 - 12:50pm Academic Paper Complex Systems, Minority Opinions, Democratic Debate, Assymetry, Assymetric Operations
Discrimination in Online Ad Delivery 2017/05/06 - 12:48pm Academic Paper Discrimination, Online Ad Delivery, Ethics, Law, Data Privacy