Mastering the Game of Go with Deep Neural Networks and Tree Search 2016/03/30 - 12:49pm Academic Paper Go, Deep Neural Networks, Tree Search, Monte Carlo Tree Search
Big Data Executive Survey 2016 2016/03/30 - 11:07am White Paper Big Data, Survey, 2016
Extreme Wealth is Not Merited 2016/03/30 - 11:05am Academic Paper Wealth, Public Policy
Towards Making Systems Forget with Machine Unlearning 2016/03/25 - 1:36pm Academic Paper Machine Unlearning, Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence
Effects of Alphabet and Expertise on Letter Perception 2016/03/25 - 1:35pm Academic Paper Alphabet, Letter Perception
Robots in American Law 2016/03/25 - 1:32pm Academic Paper Robots, Law
Under Surveillance: Examining Facebook’s Spiral of Silence Effects in the Wake of NSA Internet Monitoring 2016/03/20 - 8:13pm Academic Paper Surveillance, NSA, Facebook, Internet Monitoring
Algorithmic Trading of Futures via Machine Learning 2016/03/16 - 2:29pm Academic Paper Algorithmic Trading, Future, Machine Learning, Trading, Finance, Machine Learning in Finance and Trading
BIDMach - Large-scale Learning with Zero Memory Allocation 2016/03/16 - 2:26pm Academic Paper BIDMach, Large-scale Learning, Zero Memory Allocation
Potential of Cognitive Computing and Cognitive Systems 2016/03/16 - 2:20pm Academic Paper Cognitive Computing, Cognitive Systems
Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network 2016/03/14 - 9:38pm Academic Paper Neural Networks
Multimodal Learning with Deep Boltzmann Machines 2016/03/14 - 9:36pm Academic Paper Multimodal Learning, Deep Boltzmann Machines
Summingbird - A Framework for Integrating Batch and Online MapReduce Computations 2016/03/14 - 9:35pm Academic Paper Summingbird, Online MapReduce Computations
Bayesian Inference in Monte Carlo Tree Search 2016/03/14 - 9:34pm Academic Paper Bayesian Inference, Monte Carlo Tree Search
Survey of Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods 2016/03/14 - 9:27pm Academic Paper Monte Carlo Tree Search
An Introduction to Variable and Feature Selection 2016/03/03 - 11:43pm Academic Paper Variable and Feature Selection, Machine Learning
Accelerating Science: A Computing Research Agenda 2016/03/02 - 8:31pm White Paper Research Science, Computing Research, Cognitive Computing
Change of Carrier Density at the Pseudogap Critical Point of a Cuprate Superconductor 2016/02/26 - 7:06pm Academic Paper Carrier Density, Pseudogap Critical Point, Cuprates, Superconductors, Energy, Entropy
Kylix - A Sparse Allreduce for Commodity Clusters 2016/02/25 - 10:46pm Academic Paper Kylix, Sparse Allreduce, Commodity Clusters
Butterfly Mixing - Accelerating Incremental-Update Algorithms on Clusters 2016/02/25 - 10:44pm Academic Paper Butterfly Mixing, Incremental-Update Algorithms, Clusters
Apache NiFi - Slides 2016/02/25 - 10:42pm Slides Apache NiFi, NiFi
Hadoop Vendor Evaluations 2016 2016/02/25 - 10:40pm White Paper Hadoop, Vendor, Evaluations, 2016
Enterprise Data Warehouse Vendors 2015 2016/02/23 - 11:49am White Paper Enterprise Data Warehouse, EDW, Vendors, DB, Database, 2015
Guided Monte Carlo Tree Search for Planning in Learned Enviornments 2016/02/18 - 6:42pm Academic Paper Guided Monte Carlo Tree Search, Planning, Learned Enviornments, Monte Carlo Tree Search
Monte Carlo Tree Search in Production Management Problems 2016/02/18 - 6:39pm Academic Paper Monte Carlo Tree Search, Production Management Problems, Monte Carlo Simulations
Scientific Computing Meets Big Data Technology - Astronomy Use Case 2016/02/18 - 6:35pm Academic Paper Scientific Computing, Big Data Technology, Astronomy, Spark
Concurrent and Distributed CloudSim Simulations 2016/02/18 - 6:33pm Academic Paper Concurrent Distributed CloudSim Simulations
Big Data - A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion? 2016/02/13 - 11:54am White Paper Big Data, Discrimination, Ethics, Data Science Code of Professional Conduct
Random Forests of Very Fast Decision Trees on GPU for Mining Evolving Big Data Streams 2016/02/05 - 11:21pm Academic Paper Random Forests, Fast Decision Trees, GPU, Data Streams
Deep Learning in Neural Networks - An Overview 2016/02/05 - 11:14pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Overview
Visual Analytics for Faster Decisions 2016/02/05 - 11:12pm White Paper Visual Analytics, Decision Making
Caffe - Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding 2016/02/05 - 11:09pm Academic Paper Caffe, Convolutional Architecture, Fast Feature Embedding
On the Importance of Initialization and Momentum in Deep Learning 2016/02/05 - 10:53pm Academic Paper Initialization, Momentum, Deep Learning
Tensor Decompositions for Learning Latent Variable Models 2016/02/05 - 10:52pm Academic Paper Tensor Decompositions, Learning Latent Variable Models, Latent Variable Models
Introduction to Data Analysis using Machine Learning 2016/02/05 - 10:29pm Video Data Analysis, Machine Learning
Future Directions of Machine Learning 2016/02/05 - 10:27pm Video Machine Learning
Future of Data Science 2016/02/05 - 10:24pm Video Future, Data Science
Data Science - Part XVIII - Big Data Fundamentals for Data Scientists 2016/02/05 - 10:23pm Video Data Science, Big Data Fundamentals
Data Science - Part XVII - Deep Learning & Image Processing 2016/02/05 - 10:22pm Video Data Science, Deep Learning, Image Processing
Data Science - Part XVI - Fourier Analysis 2016/02/05 - 10:20pm Video Data Science, Fourier Analysis
Data Science - Part XV - MARS, Logistic Regression, & Survival Analysis 2016/02/05 - 10:19pm Video Data Science, MARS, Logistic Regression, Survival Analysis
Data Science - Part XIV - Genetic Algorithms 2016/02/05 - 10:18pm Video Data Science, Genetic Algorithms
Data Science - Part XIII - Hidden Markov Models 2016/02/05 - 10:16pm Video Data Science, Hidden Markov Models
Data Science - Part XII - Ridge Regression, LASSO, and Elastic Nets 2016/02/05 - 10:15pm Video Data Science, Ridge Regression, LASSO, Elastic Nets
Data Science - Part XI - Text Analytics 2016/02/05 - 10:14pm Video Data Science, Text Analytics
Data Science - Part X - Time Series Forecasting 2016/02/05 - 10:13pm Video Data Science, Time Series Forecasting
Data Science - Part IX - Support Vector Machine 2016/02/05 - 10:11pm Video Data Science, Support Vector Machine
Data Science - Part VIII - Artifical Neural Network 2016/02/05 - 10:10pm Video Data Science, Artifical Neural Network
Data Science - Part VII - Cluster Analysis 2016/02/05 - 10:09pm Video Data Science, Cluster Analysis
Data Science - Part VI - Market Basket and Product Recommendation Engines 2016/02/05 - 10:08pm Video Data Science, Market Basket, Product Recommendation Engines