DockerCon 2015 Day One Keynote 2015/07/05 - 4:56pm Video DockerCon, 2015, Docker
GraphX: Graph Analytics in Spark 2015/07/05 - 4:49pm Video GraphX, Graph Analytics, Spark
Spark Streaming and GraphX at Netflix 2015/07/05 - 4:43pm Video Spark Streaming, GraphX, Netflix
Anatomy of RDD: Deep Dive into Spark RDD Abstraction 2015/07/05 - 4:41pm Video RDD, Apache Spark
Getting to Know Scala for Data Science - Slides by Tom Flaherty 2015/06/24 - 4:13pm Slides Scala, Data Science, Spark, Tom Flaherty
Data Science with Apache Spark 2015 2015/06/18 - 7:13pm Video Apache Spark, 2015, Data Science, Krishna Sankar
Advanced Apache Spark 2015 2015/06/18 - 7:10pm Video Apache Spark, 2015, Sameer Farooqui
Getting Started with Spark & Cassandra 2015/06/18 - 7:08pm Video Apache Spark, Cassandra
Spark Community Event - Lightening Talks June 2015 2015/06/18 - 7:05pm Video Apache Spark, 2015
Spark Community Event - Spark Panel June 2015 2015/06/18 - 7:03pm Video Apache Spark, 2015
Scaling Deep Learning to 10,000 Cores and Beyond 2015/06/15 - 12:46pm Video Deep Learning
Large-Scale Deep Learning for Building Intelligent Computer Systems 2015/06/15 - 12:42pm Video Deep Learning, Intelligent Computer Systems, Machine Learning
Algorithmic Music Generation with Recurrent Neural Networks 2015/06/15 - 12:34pm Video Algorithmic Music Generation, Recurrent Neural Networks
Object Recognition from Local Scale-Invariant Features - SIFT Algorithm 2015/06/15 - 12:32pm Academic Paper Object Recognition, Local Scale-Invariant Features, SIFT Algorithm, Scale Invariant Feature Transform(
Solving Verbal Comprehension Questions in IQ Test by Knowledge-Powered Word Embedding 2015/06/15 - 12:29pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Verbal Comprehension Questions, IQ Test, Knowledge-Powered Word Embedding
Interview about Deep Learning with Geoffrey Hinton 2015/06/10 - 11:32pm Video Deep Learning, Geoffrey Hinton
Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks 2015/06/10 - 11:27pm Video Deep Neural Networks, Neural Networks, Matt Zeiler
Internet Trends 2015 - Mary Meeker 2015/06/08 - 6:36pm Slides Internet Trends, 2015, Mary Meeker
DopeLearning - A Computational Approach to Rap Lyrics Generation 2015/06/08 - 6:33pm Academic Paper Deep Convolutional Networks, Convolutional Neural Network, DopeLearning, Rap Lyrics Generation
Building a Legal Expert System 2015/06/08 - 6:31pm Academic Paper Decision Algorithms, Legal Expert System, Expert Systems
Deep Learning and Deep Data Science 2015/06/08 - 6:29pm Video Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning
Can We Create New Senses for Humans? 2015/06/08 - 6:25pm Video Cognitive Systems, Cognitive Computing, Senses
Best Big Data And Business Analytics Companies To Work For In 2015 2015/05/21 - 9:03pm White Paper Data Jobs, Analytics Companies, 2015
Understanding Bias - The Case for Careful Study - N Engl J Med 2015; 3721959-1963May 14, 2015 2015/05/21 - 1:27pm Academic Paper Bias, Confirmation Bias, Conflicts of Interest, Healthcare, New England Journal Medicine, 2015
The Contingent Effect of Management Practices 2015/05/21 - 1:23pm Academic Paper Data Science, Workforce Analytics, Human Capital, Management Practices, Data Driven Management
Maximizing Human Potential Using Machine Learning-Driven Applications 2015/05/21 - 1:11pm Video Human Potential, Machine Learning, Human Capital, Data Science
Data Science at The New York Times 2015/05/21 - 1:08pm Video Data Science, New York Times
Deep Image - Scaling up Image Recognition - Video 2015/05/19 - 1:37pm Video Deep Image, Image Recognition, Deep Learning, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Plotly Online Analytics & Data Visualization Tool 2015/05/16 - 4:50pm Video Plotly, Online Analytics, Data Visualization Tool, Data Visualization
Big Data Architecture Patterns 2015/05/16 - 4:48pm Video Big Data, Architecture, Data Engineering
Data Scientist's Toolset 2015/05/16 - 4:46pm Video Data Science
Object Detectors Emerge in Deep Scene CNNs 2015/05/15 - 12:22pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Object Detectors, Deep Scene CNN, Convolutional Neural Networks
Deep Image: Scaling up Image Recognition 2015/05/13 - 9:15pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Deep Image, Image Recognition, Deep Neural Networks, Minwa, Baidu
Large-scale Classification of Fine-Art Paintings - Learning The Right Metric on The Right Feature 2015/05/12 - 9:52pm Academic Paper Large-scale Classification, Paintings, Metrics, Features, Semantic-level Judgments
Deep Karaoke - Extracting Vocals from Musical Mixtures Using a Convolutional Deep Neural Network 2015/05/12 - 9:50pm Academic Paper Extracting Vocals, Musical Mixtures, Neural Networks, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Deep Visual-Semantic Alignments for Generating Image Descriptions 2015/05/12 - 9:47pm Academic Paper Video Data, Deep Visual-Semantic Alignments, Image Descriptions, Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Deep Fragment Embeddings for Bidirectional Image Sentence Mapping 2015/05/12 - 9:43pm Academic Paper Video Data, Deep Fragment Embeddings, Bidirectional Image Sentence Mapping, Neural Representations, Images, Natural Language, Deep Neural Networks
Learning Temporal Embeddings for Complex Video Analysis 2015/05/12 - 9:35pm Academic Paper Video Data, Temporal Embeddings, Complex Video Analysis, Video Frames
Visual Noise from Natural Scene Statistics Reveals Human Scene Category Representations 2015/05/12 - 9:30pm Academic Paper Scene Understanding, Typicality, Prototype, Reverse Correlation, Visual Noise, Natural Scene Statistics, Human Scene Category Representations, Representations Envisioned Via Evolutionary Algorithm
VideoSET - Video Summary Evaluation through Text 2015/05/12 - 9:26pm Academic Paper VideoSET, Video Data, Video Summary Evaluation, Text, Semantics
Visual Perception with Deep Learning 2015/04/27 - 2:19pm Video Visual Perception, Deep Learning
Demystifying Unsupervised Feature Learning 2015/04/27 - 2:17pm Video Unsupervised Feature Learning, Unsupervised Learning
Introduction to Deep Learning with Python 2015/04/27 - 2:15pm Video Deep Learning, Python
Brains, Data, Machine Intelligence & Cortical Learning 2015/04/27 - 2:12pm Video Machine Intelligence, Cortical Learning, Deep Learning
Is Deep Learning the Final Frontier and the End of Signal Processing? 2015/04/27 - 2:10pm Video Deep Learning, Signal Processing?
Deep Learning at Flickr 2015/04/27 - 2:07pm Video Deep Learning, Flickr
Unsupervised Learning Overview 2015/04/26 - 2:12pm Academic Paper Unsupervised Learning
Infinite Latent Feature Models and the Indian Buffet Process 2015/04/26 - 2:11pm Academic Paper Infinite Latent Feature Models, Indian Buffet Process
The Infinite Hidden Markov Model 2015/04/26 - 2:09pm Academic Paper Infinite Hidden Markov Model, Hidden Markov Models
Factorial Hidden Markov Models 2015/04/26 - 2:08pm Academic Paper Factorial Hidden Markov Models, Hidden Markov Models