Evidence-Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked 2020/06/19 - 10:36pm Video Evidence-based Medicine, Health Policy, Healthcare, John Ioannidis
Clinically Applicable AI System for Accurate Diagnosis, Quantitative Measurements, and Prognosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia Using Computed Tomography 2020/06/19 - 12:39pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Medical Diagnosis, COVID19, Computed Tomography
Artificial intelligence–enabled rapid diagnosis of patients with COVID19 2020/06/19 - 12:29pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, COVID19, Medical Diagnosis
Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of pediatric SARS-CoV-2 infections in China: A multicenter case series 2020/06/19 - 12:25pm Academic Paper COVID19, Pediatric
Baricitinib therapy in COVID19: A pilot study on safety and clinical impact 2020/06/19 - 12:22pm Academic Paper COVID19, Baricitinib therapy, Pilot Study, Coronavirus
Suggestions for second-pass anti-COVID-19 drugs based on the Artificial Intelligence measures of molecular similarity, shape and pharmacophore distribution 2020/06/19 - 12:15pm Academic Paper COVID19, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Drug Discovery, Pharma
Observation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T 2020/06/19 - 12:08pm Academic Paper Physics, Weak Signal, Light Signal, XENON1T detector, Low-energy electronic recoil data
Gradient Boosted Feature Selection 2020/06/17 - 12:09am Academic Paper Gradient Boosted Feature Selection, Feature Selection, Gradient Boosting
Evaluating Machine Learning Models - A Beginner's Guide 2020/06/05 - 12:35am Slides Machine Learning, Machine Learning Models
What You See and What You Don’t See: The Hidden Moments of a Probability Distribution 2020/06/01 - 4:15am External Course Probability
COVID19 Never Grows Exponentially Michael Levitt 2020/05/31 - 12:15am Video COVID19, Exponential Growth, Michael Levitt, Log-scale, Linear Growth
Curve Fitting for Understanding Michael Levitt - Sigmoid Function & Gompertz Function 2020/05/31 - 12:11am Video Curve Fitting, Michael Levitt, COVID19, Growth Curves, Sigmoid Function, Gompertz Function
Exponential Growth is Terrifying Michael Levitt 2020/05/31 - 12:07am Video Exponential Growth, Michael Levitt, COVID19
Analysis of Recent Neural Recommendation Approaches 2020/05/30 - 2:17pm Academic Paper Neural Recommendation, Recommendation Engine, Recommender Systems, Algorithms, Non-neural Linear Ranking Method
A Metric Learning Reality Check 2020/05/30 - 2:12pm Academic Paper Metric Learning, Deep Learning, Metric Learning Algorithms
Critically Examining the Neural Hype 2020/05/30 - 2:08pm Academic Paper Neural Networks, Neural Hype, Neural Ranking Models, TREC Robust04
Bayesian Workflow - Machine Learning at Scale - Andrew Gelman 2020/04/21 - 6:02pm Video Bayesian, Bayesian Decision Analysis, Bayesian Classifiers, Bayesian Machine Learning, Andrew Gelman
Statistical Crisis in Science - Andrew Gelman 2020/04/18 - 6:16pm Video Statistics, Crisis in Science, Andrew Gelman
Understanding Simpson’s Paradox 2020/04/02 - 1:48pm White Paper Simpson’s Paradox, Causal Inference
Wealth Management - Goals-Based Application of Fragility Detection Theory 2020/02/29 - 11:36pm White Paper Wealth Management, Fragility Detection Theory, Portfolio Management, Risk Management
Data Science Full Course 2020/02/21 - 6:43pm Video Data Science
Bayes, Statistics, and Reproducibility - Andrew Gelman 2020/02/10 - 5:14pm Video Bayesian Analysis, Statistics, Reproducibility, Andrew Gelman
Complex Systems: Network Thinking 2020/01/11 - 12:33pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Complex Systems, Networks, Algorithms, Melanie Mitchell
Crimes Against Data - Andrew Gelman 2019/10/18 - 6:19pm Video Data Science, Andrew Gelman
Living with Uncertainty but Still Learning - Andrew Gelman 2019/07/22 - 6:12pm Video Statistics, Data Uncertainty, Andrew Gelman
Statistics - Full University Course on Data Science Basics 2019/07/21 - 7:55pm Video Statistics, Data Science
Python for Everybody - Full University Python Course 2019/05/03 - 7:57pm Video Python, Data Science
Challenges of Bringing Machine Learning to the Masses 2019/04/13 - 12:40am Slides Machine Learning
Dr. James Simons - S. Donald Sussman Fellowship Award Fireside Chat Series 2019/03/01 - 12:44am Video James Simons, Algorithm Decision Making, Finance, Trading
Gauge Theory and Inflation: Enlarging the Wu-Yang Dictionary 2019/01/12 - 9:42pm Video Physics, Gauge Theory, Wu-Yang dictionary
James Simons and C.N. Yang - Interview 2019/01/12 - 9:38pm Video Physics, Wu-Yang dictionary, James Simons, C.N. Yang, Gauge Theory, Geometry
Concept of Nonintegrable Phase Factors and Global Formulation of Gauge Fields 2019/01/12 - 9:34pm Academic Paper Physics, Nonintegrable Phase Factors, Wu-Yang dictionary, Gauge Theory, Geometry
Skin in the Game - Nassim Nicholas Taleb 2018/11/08 - 1:10am Video Skin in the Game, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Stoicism, Philosophy of Science, Ancients, Probabilistic Logic
Complete Python Pandas Data Science Tutorial 2018/10/25 - 7:46pm Video Python, Pandas, Data Science, CSV, Excel files, Sorting, Filtering, Groupby
How AI Traders Will Dominate Hedge Fund Industry 2018/10/19 - 2:50am Video Artificial Intelligence, AI, Trading, Hedge Fund
TensorFlow Tutorial - Reinforcement Learning 2017/05/18 - 2:26pm Video TensorFlow, Reinforcement Learning
TensorFlow Tutorial - GPU vs. CPU Speed 2017/05/18 - 2:23pm Video TensorFlow, Speed, GPU, CPU
TensorFlow Tutorial - Style Transfer Algorithm 2017/05/18 - 2:16pm Video TensorFlow, Style Transfer Algorithm
TensorFlow Tutorial - DeepDream Algorithm 2017/05/18 - 2:14pm Video TensorFlow, DeepDream Algorithm
TensorFlow Tutorial - Visual Analysis 2017/05/18 - 2:11pm Video TensorFlow, Visual Analysis
TensorFlow Tutorial - Adversarial Noise for MNIST 2017/05/18 - 2:08pm Video TensorFlow, Adversarial Noise for MNIST
TensorFlow Tutorial - Adversarial Examples 2017/05/18 - 2:05pm Video TensorFlow, Adversarial Examples
TensorFlow Tutorial - Video Data 2017/05/18 - 2:02pm Video TensorFlow, Video Data
TensorFlow Tutorial - Transfer Learning 2017/05/18 - 1:58pm Video TensorFlow, Transfer Learning
TensorFlow Tutorial - Inception Model 2017/05/18 - 1:54pm Video TensorFlow, Inception Model
TensorFlow Tutorial - CIFAR-10 2017/05/18 - 1:45pm Video TensorFlow, CIFAR-10
TensorFlow Tutorial - Ensemble Learning 2017/05/18 - 1:42pm Video TensorFlow, Ensemble Learning
TensorFlow Tutorial - Save & Restore 2017/05/18 - 1:37pm Video TensorFlow, Save & Restore
TensorFlow Tutorial - Layers API 2017/05/18 - 1:32pm Video TensorFlow, Layers API
TensorFlow Tutorial - Pretty Tensor 2017/05/18 - 1:25pm Video TensorFlow, Pretty Tensor