Low Aerobic Capacity in Middle-aged Men Associated with Increased Mortality Rates 2016/07/31 - 4:41pm Academic Paper Health, Low Aerobic Capacity, Mortality Rates, Healthcare, Exercise Testing, Epidemiology
Dryad: Distributed Data-Parallel Programs from Sequential Building Blocks 2016/07/31 - 4:35pm Academic Paper Dryad, Distributed Data-Parallel Programs, Sequential Building Blocks, Distributed Computing, Concurrency, Dataflow, Cluster Computing
Assessing Human Error Against a Benchmark of Perfection 2016/07/05 - 8:32pm Academic Paper Decision Making, Decision Processes, Human Error
Genetic Fuzzy based Artificial Intelligence for Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Control in Simulated Air Combat Missions 2016/07/05 - 8:29pm Academic Paper Genetic Fuzzy, Artificial Intelligence, Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Control, Air Combat, Pilot AI, Automated Pilot
The Social Dilemma of Autonomous Vehicles 2016/07/05 - 8:27pm Academic Paper Autonomous Vehicles, Law, Regulation
Ernest - Efficient Performance Prediction for Large-Scale Advanced Analytics 2016/07/05 - 8:26pm Academic Paper Ernest, Performance Prediction, Analytics
StreamDM - Advanced Data Mining in Spark Streaming 2016/07/05 - 8:20pm Academic Paper StreamDM, Data Mining, Spark Streaming, Spark
SparkNet - Training Deep Networks in Spark 2016/07/05 - 8:18pm Academic Paper SparkNet, Deep Networks, Spark, Deep Convolutional Networks
SAMOA - Scalable Advanced Massive Online Analysis 2016/07/05 - 8:16pm Academic Paper SAMOA, Online Analysis
Causal Inference on Discrete Data using Additive Noise Models 2016/07/05 - 8:15pm Academic Paper Causal Inference, Discrete Data, Additive Noise Models, Causality
Splash - Programming Interface for parallelizing Stochastic Algorithms - Slides 2016/07/05 - 8:13pm Slides Splash, Programming Interface, Stochastic Algorithms
Safely Interruptible Agents 2016/06/26 - 3:07pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Interruptible Agents, Agents, Reinforcement Learning
Concrete Problems in AI Safety 2016/06/23 - 2:42pm Academic Paper AI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence
Spark MLlib 2.0 Preview: Data Science and Production 2016/06/22 - 10:19pm Video Spark MLlib 2.0
Realtime Risk Management Using Kafka, Python, and Spark Streaming 2016/06/22 - 10:12pm Video Risk Management, Kafka, Python, Spark
Detecting and Mitigating Fraud in Realtime at Scale 2016/06/22 - 10:07pm Video Fraud Detection
Credit Fraud Prevention with Spark and Graph Analysis 2016/06/22 - 10:04pm Video Spark, Fraud Prevention, Graph Analysis
Large Scale Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2016/06/22 - 10:00pm Video Deep Learning, TensorFlow
Scalable Deep Learning Platform On Spark In Baidu 2016/06/22 - 9:58pm Video Spark, Deep Learning, Baidu
Deep Dive Into Structured Streaming 2016/06/22 - 9:55pm Video Spark, Structured Streaming
Finding Graph Isomorphisms In GraphX And GraphFrames 2016/06/16 - 5:58pm Video Spark, Michael Malak, Graph Isomorphisms, GraphX, GraphFrames
Internet Trends 2016 - Mary Meeker 2016/06/07 - 10:45pm Slides Internet Trends, 2016, Mary Meeker, Internet of Things
Forecasting Unemployment with Google Searches - 2016 2016/06/07 - 10:42pm Academic Paper Forecasting, Unemployment, Google Searches, Google Data, Nowcasting
Essays Using Google Data 2016/06/07 - 10:38pm Academic Paper Google Data, Policy Prediction Models
Estimating Climate Sensitivity Using Two-Zone Energy Balance Models - 2016 2016/06/07 - 10:36pm Academic Paper Climate Science, Climate Models, Two-Zone Energy Balance Models
Natural Language Processing with Python 2016/06/07 - 6:41pm External Course Natural Language Processing, Python
Does the United States have a Productivity Slowdown or a Measurement Problem 2016/06/07 - 5:09pm Academic Paper Economic Growth, Economics, Productivity, Measurement
Tensorflow and Deep Learning - Slides 2016/05/26 - 10:31pm Slides TensorFlow, Deep Learning
Estimating Reproducibility of Psychological Science 2016/05/26 - 10:26pm Academic Paper Reproducibility, Psychological Science
On Reception and Detection of Pseudo-profound Bullshit 2016/05/26 - 10:07pm Academic Paper Bullshit, Bullshit Detection, Dual-process Theories, Analytic Thinking, Supernatural Beliefs
What is a Medical Disease? 2016/05/26 - 9:45pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Medical Disease, Health Policy
Risk, Race & Recidivism: Predictive Bias and Disparate Impact 2016/05/26 - 9:43pm Academic Paper Risk, Race, Bias, Predictive Bias, Disparate Impact, Law
Deep Learning in Neural Networks - An Overview 2016/05/22 - 6:54pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Neural Networks
Public vs. Nonpublic Data 2016/05/22 - 6:46pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Consumer Subject Review Boards - Data Privacy and Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:44pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Privacy Substitutes - Privacy and Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:41pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Big Data in Small Hands - Privacy and Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:36pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Relational Big Data 2016/05/22 - 6:25pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Prediction, Preemption, Presumption - How Big Data Threatens Big Picture Privacy 2016/05/22 - 6:21pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Big Data and Its Exclusions 2016/05/22 - 6:15pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Buying and Selling Privacy 2016/05/22 - 6:10pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Three Paradoxes of Big Data 2016/05/22 - 6:05pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Privacy and Big Data Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:03pm Academic Paper Privacy, Legal, Law Regulation
Introduction to Overfitting in Regression-Type Models 2016/05/20 - 12:30am Academic Paper Regression, Statistical Models, Simulation, Dichotomization, Overfitting
A Unified Architecture for Natural Language Processing - Deep Neural Networks with Multitask Learning 2016/05/02 - 7:43pm Academic Paper Natural Language Processing, Deep Neural Networks, Multitask Learning, NLP
The Fair Information Practice Principles 2016/05/02 - 7:40pm White Paper Information Privacy Law, Privacy, Law, Regulation
Can We Prove a Bank Guilty of Creating Systemic Risk? A Minority Report 2016/04/28 - 11:00pm Academic Paper Finance, Regulation, Law, Central Banks, Systemic Risk, Banking, Macroprudential Policy, Financial Stability, Risk Management
Demographics and Real Interest Rates: Inspecting the Mechanism 2016/04/28 - 10:56pm Academic Paper Finance, Central Banks, Demographics, Real Interest Rates, Economics, Life Expectancy, Population Growth
Wisdom of Twitter Crowds: Predicting Stock Market Reactions to FOMC Meetings via Twitter Feeds 2016/04/28 - 10:51pm Academic Paper Finance, Twitter, Crowdsourcing, Stock Market, FOMC, Twitter Feeds
Economic Perspectives on Incarceration and Criminal Justice System 2016/04/28 - 10:46pm Academic Paper Economics, Incarceration, Criminal Justice System